Health & Safety Online Training Courses

At MSAFE we recognise the importance of flexibility in our approach to health and safety training and that's why we offer a number of e-Learning courses that can be completed at a time and place that suits you. The majority our online health and safety courses are RoSPA Approved*, extremely cost effective and can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

Browse our range of health and safety online courses and if you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us with your safety training needs.

Abrasive Wheels Training

£24.00 per person

Intended to provide those who work with abrasive wheels with general information on how to use them safely.

Alcohol & Drug Awareness Training

£24.00 per person

Outlines the effects of drugs and alcohol and their associated risks in the workplace.

Asbestos Awareness Training*

£24.00 per person

Designed for contractors and employees who are likely to encounter asbestos materials at work.

DriveWize Driver Safety Training*

£24.00 per person

To increase driver safety, ideal for anyone with company cars or using their cars on company business.

DriveWize Driver Safety Risk Assessment*

£24.00 per person

Comprising of a set of questions to help determine the level of risk you face from driving for work purposes.

Electrical Safety Training*

£24.00 per person

Highlighting the main dangers associated with the misuse and promotion of the safe use of all electrical equipment.

ErgoWize DSE Training*

£24.00 per person

An online DSE eLearning system - the simplest way to achieve compliance across your entire workforce.

ErgoWize DSE Risk Assessment*

£24.00 per person

An online DSE Workstation Risk Assessment system - the simplest way to achieve compliance across your entire workforce.

Evacuation Procedures Training*

£24.00 per person

Covering correct procedures to follow during the evacuation of a burning building.

Fire Safety Training*

£24.00 per person

The Fire Safety Online Training Course covers the prevention of fires and the behaviour expected in the event of a fire.

Fire Warden Training*

£24.00 per person

Gain knowledge of Fire Warden duties and actions required in the event of a fire at work.

Hand Arm Vibration Training

£24.00 per person

Covering the problems and control of hand arm vibration as a result of injury in the workplace.

Health & Safety Induction*

£24.00 per person

Provides the first step to educate your employees on company specific policies and procedures.

Home Working Training*

£24.00 per person

For anyone who works from home detailing the organisation's policy and work arrangements integrating health and safety.

Legionella Training*

£24.00 per person

For employees who carry out water management providing information about legionella bacteria and its impact on human health.

Lock Out Tag Out Training

£24.00 per person

Designed to help users understand what Lock Out Tag Out is.

Lone Working Training*

£24.00 per person

For all employees who work alone providing the importance of personal safety and what to do if things go wrong.

Managing Health & Safety*

£24.00 per person

Introduces a manager's responsibilities when dealing with their employees' Health & Safety related issues.

Manual Handling Training*

£24.00 per person

For high risk employees who carry out heavy lifting.

Modern Slavery

£24.00 per person

Highlights the issue of modern slavery and your role in its prevention.

Pandemic Awareness Training

£24.00 per person

Providing employees with information on how to prevent and control the spread of germs.

Phishing Awareness Training

£24.00 per person

Introduces and the explains the cybersecurity threat posed by social engineering and phishing.

Risk Assessment Training*

£24.00 per person

Providing a background to risk assessments, their importance, legal requirements and carrying one out.

Safeguarding Adults Training

£24.00 per person

Explains what safeguarding is, who it applies to and the six principles that underpin adult safeguarding.

Safeguarding Children Training

£24.00 per person

Providing an introduction to the safeguarding process.

Sexual Harassment Training

£24.00 per person

Aimed at creating awareness about sexual harassment in the workplace.

Slips, Trips and Falls Training*

£24.00 per person

Make employees more aware of accidents that occur at work as a result of a slip, trip or fall.

Working at Height Training*

£24.00 per person

Designed for any employee or contractor whose job involves working at height.

Coronavirus Training

£24.00 per person

Helping individuals understand how they can help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Security and Counter Terrorism Awareness

£24.00 per person

Designed to ensure that your workforce is prepared should a terror attack take place, based on organisational procedures and emergency plans.

Contractor Safety Procedures Training*

£24.00 per person

Designed to minimise potential accidents and communicate any specific health and safety requirements.

New and Expectant Mothers' Training*

£24.00 per person

Highlighting the responsibility of employees to inform their employer if they are pregnant, have recently given birth or are breastfeeding.

Food Safety Training (Level 1)*

£24.00 per person

Providing guidance on the essential rules of hygiene that must be followed by anyone who works in food handling or preparation.

Hazardous Substances Training*

£24.00 per person

Providing an overview of what a hazardous substance is and how to best work with them safely.

Noise at Work Training*

£24.00 per person

Explains what sound is and how it impacts both health and safety.

PPE Training*

£24.00 per person

Demonstrating guidance on the safe and proper use of Personal Protective Equipment.

Conflict Resolution Training

£24.00 per person

Develop effective workplace problem-solving techniques with engaging training.

Coping with COVID-19 Anxiety

£24.00 per person

Describes how individuals can manage their mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Healthy Living Awareness

£24.00 per person

Designed to help users understand the importance of leading a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Managing Mental Health

£24.00 per person

Aims to equip line managers with the skills necessary to support their team’s mental health in the workplace.

Mental Health Awareness

£24.00 per person

Showing how you can improve your mental health using the evidence-based five ways to wellbeing.

Stress Awareness Training

£24.00 per person

Highlights the most common causes of stress, emphasising that what one person finds stressful, another may not.

Wellbeing and Remote Working

£24.00 per person

Combating challenges by using time management techniques and creating a proper work environment to remain productive.


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Posted 8 Jan 2021

CLC has published their latest Construction Sector - Site Operating Procedures Revision 7 (SOP V7).

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Posted 1 Oct 2020

You can plan what action you will need to take if anyone on your site tests positive for COVID-19.

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